Why Choose iSMS?

All schools need an MIS that does more than just process information. The intuitive and flexible design of iSMS helps you improve the day-to-day management of school data, enhance communication, engagement, and increase efficiency across the school through instant access to key information.

  • 23+ Secure Modules

  • Improved User Experience

  • 140+ Features

  • Awakening the Future

  • Education Simplified

  • School accessible on phone!

  • Managing School 24/7

  • Personalized Data

Education Simplified

The operating style of our School Management software is exceptional, making it gain world recognition as a standard tool for educational systems all around the globe, and it has also set an example of how an ERP system can be designed. Its guaranteed and stable streaming over any browser helps administrators access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions.

Awakening The Future

Simplicity, reliability, and self-explanatory is what iSMS is all about. Achieving the desired results without stress is what we strive to achieve with our software. We are known for our reliability in constant training and re-training in order to match the current societal standard in academic management. With our redefined content and elegant design, we maintain our high standards; and with updated security protocols, we ensure the trust bestowed upon us by our client is not breached.

Improved User Experience

iSMS School ERP software is a culture to the world in educational institutions because of its applicability to schools of all sizes – whether big or small in size and population. Furthermore, keeping in mind all the practical challenges faced in the running of an educational institution have we developed such a school management software, which can ensure you have the best experience in all the areas relating to education.

Personalizing Data

Clients can easily update our software for a better experience in the administration and control of their institutional data. To account for  changing systems or updating the curriculum, users have the option to make changes at any given time. The security and privacy of the user are in no way compromised, ensuring that only the respective user has control of this software.

Get the Stunning iSMS Mobile App!

The iSMS Mobile App helps administrators, school staff, and students to access the system from anywhere at any time. Teachers can take attendance, students can view the timetable, parents can view student reports, principals and admin members can make announcements, and send other useful messages, all within one app.

Migrating to iSMS information system is easier than you might think!

You will have all the help you could possibly need: from system installation and data transfer to software training, report creation and a bespoke system set-up.

No matter what system you currently use, iSMS is the best platform for you, and we have the knowledge and expertise to manage a smooth and efficient transfer of your data.