Exam List:

Enter Exam Name, Note & click on the Save button. All the exams can be seen at the right side of this page, and you can also check exam status by clicking the “View Status” option.

Exam Schedule:

This section has two parts:

1) Adding/Editing Exam Schedule: for Adding/Editing Exam Schedule(s), click on the Add button, select Exam Name, Class, Section, which will present all Subjects. Now, enter Date, Exam Start Time, Exam End Time, Exam Room, Exam Subject, Total Marks, Minimum Passing Marks & click on the Submit button to save the exam Schedule

2) Viewing existing Exam Schedule: for viewing existing Exam Schedule(s), go to Examination > Exam Schedule, select Class, Section, and then click Search button, to see all exams under that particular Class/Section. Finally, simply click View to see the Exam Schedule.

Marks Register:

This section has two parts

1) Adding/Editing exam marks: for Adding/Editing Exam Marks, click on the Add button, followed by selecting Exam Name, Class, Section on the next page. This will present you with the list of all students – now, enter marks for all exam subjects, and click on the Save button to submit marks.

2) Viewing exam marks: for viewing Exam Marks (go to Examination > Marks Register) select Exam Name, Class, Section to see marks list.


Enter Grade Name, Percent From, Percent Out of, Description & click the Save button. All the grades can be seen at the right side of this page.