Collect Fees:

Select Class & Section > Search button, to get the list of students for a particular class/section. You can also search students by keywords in the Search Box, and click on the Search button. This will give the student list.

Click on Collect Fees to see student details, including student picture, and then assign/allocate fees details. Collecting fees is incredibly simple: just click the + button from the Action column, and a popup window will appear. Here, select Date, and the Amount will be automatically added by our software using balance for this Fees Invoice. You can enter any amount for Partial Fees payment. Then, select Discount Group or enter Discount (if any) > enter Fine(s) (if any) > Payment Mode > Note > Collect Fees. Now, the fee has been collected, there is still a Revert button for reverting this fees, if needed.

For printing Fee Receipts, click the Print button in the Action column.

Fees Discount Adjustment: If you have applied a discount by selecting the “Discount Group”, there is no need for adjustment. Once you assign/allocate Fees Discount on any student, it will only be assigned; to apply you need to adjust this discount on any Fees Invoice payment by giving discount. To apply discount, make sure you have given discount on the fee invoice, and click Apply Discount on the Action column, opening a popup window. Now, enter the Payment ID on which this discount has been given, and enter a description (if any). Finally, click on “Apply Discount” to finish it.

Search Due Fees:

To search for those students who have not paid their fees, select Fees Category > Fees Type > Class > Section > Search. This will give you the list of students who have fee dues.

• (search due fees is written in “Search Fees Payment”), and Search Due Fees has Fees Statement’s content
• The content for “Search Fees Payment” is present in “Collect Fees”

Search Due Fees:

Search Due Fees module is for searching those students who have not done payment for a particular fees type then select Fees Category then Fees Type then Class then Section & click the Search button, you will get all the students list for due fees.

Fees Statement:

To get fee statement for a student. select Class > Section > Student > Search.

Balance Fees Group:

“Fees Group add all your Fees Group here. All Fees Group can be see at right side of this page.”

• Should be placed in “fees group; need content for balance fees group

Fees Group:

Add all your Fees Groups here – they can be seen at the right side of this page.

Fees Type:

Add all your Fees Type here with Fees Code. All Fees Type can be see at right side of this page.

Fees Master:

This allows you to add all your fees amount for selected sessions. Select Fees Group > Fees Type > Due Date > enter Amount (fees amount for selected session) > Save.

All Fees Master with Fees Group and Fees Code with the exact amount can be seen at the right side of this page. To assign/allocate Fees Group, click on Assign/View button in the Action column. Now, at the next page, select Class > Section > Search > select the students on whom you want to assign/allocate this Fees Group > Save.

Fees Discount:

Add all your Fees Discount(s) here with Discount Name, Discount Code, Amount and Description. All Fees Discount(s) can be seen at the right side of this page. To assign/allocate discount, click on Assign/View button in the Action column. Then, select Class and Section > Search > Select students on whom this discount has to be applied > Save.

Fees Carry Forward:

If any student has a positive balance in previous sessions, you can forward this balance to the current session. Select Class > Section > Search. Students with balance fees will be displayed below. If you want, you can even edit balance fees amount to be forward.

In top right corner you can see the “Due Date” for all fees forward. This Due Date will be days ahead, the number of which is set in System Settings > General Setting > Fees Due Days. This carry forward can be seen in the “Collect Fees Page” as Balance Master (Fees Group) and Previous Session Balance (Fees Code).