Front Office Module is for all reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal..

Student Information Module is for all the information related to student like student search, profile, student admission..

The attendance module is for managing student attendance and attendance report which makes attendance..

Fee Management Module is for all the details related to student fees collection, fees master creation, fees dues, fees..

Time Table module allows you to easily manage and view class time tables through our easy to use dashboard to..

The homework module allows teachers to give homework to students through this module and further evaluate the..

Question bank module is designed to help teachers to get the most out of our online exam builder to automate..

This module is for managing all the exams conducted by school like create exam, schedule exam, exam marks entry, grade…

Expense module is for all the expenses related to school can be managed here like add expenses, search expenses..

Communicate module works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students..

For managing downloadable documents like assignments, study material, syllabus and other documents need to..

Configure ISMS here for different settings like school, sessions, admin password, SMS, Paypal, backup / restore languages..

Inventory module is designed for the management of all the assets of your school with stocks and store under..

Front cms module allows management of the front public site of ISMS here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery..

Transport management module allows management of school transportation services like routes and their fares with..

Hostel management module allows easy management accommodations such as hostels, hostel rooms, room..

Library management module allows all books to be managed with ease. Features include; add Book enter Book Title, Book..

The certificate module can be used for designing and generating student certificates and Student Identification..

HR module is for managing all the information related to staff members, staff search, managing profiles, attendance..

Income module is for management of all income other than fees collection. Features include; add, search..

Course Planner module allows you to Design and manage school curriculum periodically in an efficient way with ease…

Reports module allows you to create and generate all the various reports related to different modules that can be..

For managing all the parameters / master data required to run school like classes, sections, subjects, assign teachers..

All the details of Landing Screens for Interactive School Management system and their roles can be found..

iSMS Designed and Developed to create right communication link
between Administration, Faculty, Parents and Students

  • iSMS is an Online school management system that adapts to the system and process of your institution.

  • iSMS is Advanced web based school management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features.

  • To manage students, teachers, management, fees details and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.

  • iSMS Script has got more features than any other student information system.

  • It’s created with users in mind.

  • iSMS is a best solution for the centralized management of academic data and these scripts provides a communication link between faculty, parents and students, and Administration.

  • We offer complete Support, 1 years of service update with free installations and configurations, so users need not worry about the installations and configurations.

  • These are all an added advantage to our School Administration software.