In timetable there is alot of flexibility. define your working days and timings for each period. Digitization and timetable are interconnected modules. Digitized book content can be drop for the period.

The Class Timetable has two parts:

1) Adding/Editing the Class Timetable, and
2) Viewing the Timetable itself.

For Adding/Editing Class Timetables, click on the “Add Button”. Then, on the next page, select Class, Section, Subject & click the Search button, which will present the 7 days list. Now, simply enter Start Time, End Time, Room Number for each day & click the “Save Button” to save your timetable.

View Sessions:

Here you can view all the sessions that have been created for your institution within the academic year. You can add, edit or delete sessions from within this screen.

Create Sessions:

Here we will keep all records for Incoming/Outgoing Phone calls from reception. Go to Front Office > Phone Call Log enter Name, Phone, Date, Description, Next Follow Up Date, Call Duration, Note and Call Type then click on Save button. All Phone Call Log details can be seen right side of this page.

Assign Rooms:

In the assign room section, administrators will be able to assign a room to each specific period at any given time. To make changes in the future, administrators can come back to this page and make the relevant changes.

Assign Subjects:

Assign Subjects by selecting Class, Section, and then the search button. Now, select Subject & Teacher to assign the subject to an available teacher.

Assign Teacher:

To assign a Class Teacher, select “Class” and select “Section”, followed by “Class Teachers” for this particular section, and simply click the Save button. All the Class-Section and their Class Teachers can be seen at right side of this page.